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Letter from the Pastor - July 17th, 2020

Anyone old enough to remember drive-in movie theaters?  They are hard to find these days. However, given our present pandemic, maybe a drive through worship service is an idea whose time has come.


This past Easter morning, our church began a season of drive thru worship services that continues to this day.  Our members seem to be very appreciative of the opportunity to be together, even if they have to stay in their car with the windows up. The idea came to us from our members Marti and Heidi Sullivan,  who had contact with Prince of Peace Lutheran in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.  When we contacted the pastor there he was more than helpful.  His attitude was, “God has given this to us, and we should be willing to share with others.”  He sent us a step by step way to begin the set up.


The service is definitely a team effort. Gene Meyers is our electrical and sound technician.  Irene Yuska and Karen Sepulveda take and post the video on Facebook live. Robert Jeffers posts it on our web site.  When people come to our parking lot for the service, a team of ushers, (Brian Oberbeck, Debby Sernus, and Marty Sullivan) greet people with signs announcing the FM station to turn to, and show people where to park.  Having virtually no mechanical ability, I can’t really explain to you why it works, but it did involve buying a transmitter (about $100) and finding an unused FM frequency to transmit the sound into the radio of the worshipper’s cars.


Our worship service is abbreviated,(30-40 minutes in length) because if the service goes on too long, the batteries in peoples cars begin to die.  (The first few weeks our ministry included jumping cars whose batteries had given up the ghost during the service.)  I encourage people to restart their engines midway into the service.


We are finding that people from other churches and denominations, join us, and are very appreciative of the opportunity to worship on Sunday.


At the close of the service we give an opportunity to make an offering using a tall receptacle that people drive by.  We encourage people who are  members of other churches to pass it by, and to send their offering in to their own churches.


On Easter I gave the ancient greeting, “Christ is risen!” only to be greeted by an awkward silence. A few seconds later, one car honked their horn in agreement, and very soon every car in the lot was honking, “Christ is risen indeed.” 


The drive in service has been a blessing to our church.  If you are interested in exploring such a ministry,  feel free to contact St. Mark, and we would be glad to answer questions.


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