Church Activities Calendar

You can view the calendar by month, by week, by day and by EVENT. If you are unable to read the events on a particular date, switch to the week, day, or event view and you will be able to see all the items listed. Look for the selections at the top of the calendar to the left of the month.  They are tabs that read: PRINT / GO TO [ Month View] / TODAY / SEARCH / EMAIL THIS (The highlighted GO TO tab is where you can switch to the EVENT VIEW). If you see an asterisk * at the end of a listed activity, place and hold your cursor over the asterisk and additional information will be displayed.

If information appears twice, keep in mind that several calendars of activities overlay the main calendar so all activities can be displayed in one place. Calendars that overlay into the main calendar include: Youth Activities / Missions / Fellowship Activities / Weddings and Miscellaneous / Music / Dartball. Some of these calendars are displayed individually on their respective web pages.

Abbreviations:  F.H. - Fellowship Hall  K.H. - Koetz Hall  S.S. - Sunday School   H.H. - Heaney Hall   L.R. - Luther Room - B.S. - Bible Study - D.B. - Dartball

Click on the picture below to view the animated ecard by Jacquie Lawson! (Note: picture and card will change each month featuring their card of the month.) With warm wishes to all.

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

11007 S. 76th Avenue, Worth, IL 60482  (708) 448-6555

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